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Form 2 Week 6 Homework

posted 12 Oct 2012, 05:04 by Tim Jefferis   [ updated 12 Oct 2012, 05:05 ]
Factors Affecting the Climate.

Watch this You Tube Movie then answer the questions below.

Factors Affecting Climate

Title: Factors Affecting Climate

Answer these questions in full sentences in your book:
  1. In addition to land and water what is another important feature of the planet that geographers study?
  2. What is the most important factor affecting climate?
  3. What happens the the northern hemisphere in:
        • July
        • January
  4. How does latitude affect climate?
  5. How elevation affect climate?
  6. Why does precipitation affect climate?
  7. How do winds affect climate?
  8. How do water currents affect climate?
  9. How does climate affect people?