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AS Geography Easter Revision

This Easter holiday is vitally important to your chances of success in the summer. 

Remember you only have one go at this. If you need to resit, your next chance will be summer 2016. Don't even go there...

Use TJJ's revision guide to help you.

This Easter you need to:
  1. Consolidate your notes, hole punch them all, tidy them up and get them into chronological order
  2. Make case study flash-cards
  3. Complete a glossary list for World at Risk and another for Going Global
  4. Create two MASSIVE mindmaps - one for Going Global, one for World at Risk. You might like to use bubbl.us
  5. Try this full past paper (Jan 2013) - every single question, no gaps, just as you will do in the real exam. Remember if you use the mark scheme, which will be readily available on the internet you will be wasting your time.
  6. Go through the syllabus with a fine-toothed comb to make sure you know everything that is required of you
You may find these two revision guides useful:
And if you get bored here are a few more past papers you could try...!

 Jan 2012Unit 1 & resource booklet
 Jan 2012Unit 2 & resource booklet

Click here for the RealtimeBoard links for World at Risk and Going Global

For when you return, this is what the programme will look like - time is tight!

This is the Going Global revision document, whilst this is the World at Risk revision document. We fill these in together as part of our revision programme.