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January 2013 Unit 4 pre-release page


This is where I will be posting all the resources I collate for this January's Unit 4 Cold Environments pre-release. 

This is what we've been told to get ready for:
Herewith the key dates for January:

Herewith a complete  copy of the pre-release from the exam board. The front page is worth a careful read: http://goo.gl/JxoiR

To get a handle on some of the stakeholders in the Arctic (a high latitude cold environment) have a look at Bruce Parry's programme on the Arctic:

Bruce Parry in the Arctic (BBC)

Last Minute Bits and Bobs

posted 18 Jan 2013, 01:18 by TJJ@oswestryschool.org.uk

Last Minute Hints and Tips for Unit 4

Summary of all the material we need

posted 11 Jan 2013, 01:17 by TJJ@oswestryschool.org.uk   [ updated 11 Jan 2013, 03:08 ]

We now need to draw everything together so that we have something to work off. We will be constructing a table using Google Docs. to get this all together. Click here for the Google Docs table:  

Summary Crib Sheet

Herewith another of Bruce Parry's programmes, this time looking at Tar Sand  extraction in Canada:

YouTube Video

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