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A2 Geography Easter Revision

What you manage to get done over Easter will make a HUGE difference to your prospects in the summer. Easter is the time to:
  1. Consolidate all your notes, get them in order, hole-punched and written up in neat
  2. Go through a copy of the syllabus and check things off against your notes and the textbook(s)
  3. Get a revision guide from a bookshop and eviscerate it (we do EdExcel 8/9GE01)
  4. Make case-study cards
  5. Practice some past papers (this link has copies of all the types so that you can get a feel for what they look like)
  6. Get yourself mentally prepared for your last term at school
A copy of TJJ's Easter Revision Pack can be found by clicking here.

Tasks for for the holiday (things that TJJ will want handed in!):
  1. Using the links in TJJ's Easter Revision Pack make glossary lists for all the parts of the course that we have covered to date.
  2. Answer this question if you are planning on doing energy security and/or this question if you are planning on doing superpower geographies. 
  3. Then choose to answer:
      • EITHER all the questions on this paper (a practice pre-release on Energy) 
      • OR all the questions on this paper (a practice pre-release on Superpowers). There is no need to do both (unless you particularly want to). These Unit 3 pre-release questions are good for topic revision even though the pre-release this year is on biodiversity.
  4. Eviscerate this year's pre-releases: